What the course is about

We turn young girls into confident ladies. This course is not only to help girls with low self-esteem but also focuses on teaching how to maintain self-confidence and using it to create positive outcomes.

Girls are taught how to sit, stand, and walk. How to speak, the art of conversation. Also, the proper way to set a table. How to host a luncheon, a tea, a coffee, dinner and other social events. They also learn how to walk like a lady, dress and conduct themselves. How to take care of your skin; facials, manicure, pedicure, make-up, hairstyling and a lot more.

Further training topics include: Making a good first impression, proper dressing for your body type, dining etiquette, making conversation, communication basics, conveying confidence and the art of civility.
We help young girls to grow with self-esteem all the way till she becomes a woman with style and charisma, steering her to become the lady we all want our girls to become. She faces the road ahead with self-assurance.

This course will reward a multitude of opportunities to a better, more confident and successful young lady. Recognizing strengths and weaknesses; goal setting and a general knowledge of excellence will provide a good moulding for a secure and positive foundation. Included will be training of proper etiquette, ethics, style, social and cultural skills and an honest value system which make a wholesome life with self-assurance and esteem.
Ultimately, the purpose of this etiquette charm finishing school is to prepare us for life, to provide for ourselves and our family a more elegant way of life

General course information:
• We keep the classes small (15 girls per class) as individual time is of utmost importance.
• Class times: 1 hour per week (specific dated communicated when program is provided).
• The course includes a profession portfolio shoot.
• Formal year end functions for family and friends to enjoy each student’s growth with them.
• Course available in English and Afrikaans
• Fees: R450,00 per month with and upfront payment of R200 when registration for student book.

For more information please feel free to contact me or complete an application form.