Our Team 

We are very passionate about empowering women, and we believe that with good self-esteem one becomes a strong, fearless, beautiful woman. We are serious about using our talents to reach people.

We truly value each and every client and our primary goal is to provide excellent service to keep you happy.

From arranging inspirational “woman’s days” to make-up and styling on your wedding day, as well as our new clothing range, we strive to empower women to enable them to find their own inner beauty and self-confidence.

We believe in word-of-mouth endorsement so we always always go the extra mile for good client relationships. This is not only our job… it is our passion.

About Efraine

I am a professional Make-up Artist, Hairstylist, Stylist, Designer and Image consultant. I am a small-town farm girl, who lives for joyful moments and embraces every adventure that comes my way.

Make-up, styling and showing people how to find and express their inner beauty is my true passion. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping someone to be and feel even more beautiful than they already are.

I’m thankful that I was able to find my passion so early in my life. A true blessing from God.

I was privileged enough to attend the Terenzo Hair Dressing School followed by a professional Make-up & Hair Styling course at the Alicia Buckle Academy. Thereafter I completed my image consultant course with Donna-Mee Kennedy. For me to be able to successfully run a finishing school, I completed a 7 year course at International Charm, Model & Finishing School in Pretoria.

After completing my training, I have until now been hired as make-up artist and hair stylist on weddings, functions and television productions, such as ‘Boer soek ‘n Vrou’, ‘Mooi’ and Werner Wessels’ new make-over show on DSTV’s VIA channel.

It is my goal to launch our very first  TV show in 2019, for Evelyn Francis to showcase styling and make-up that will inspire more women to be the best they can be.

I see beauty in every girl and woman, and I live to make each person who crosses my path realize what makes them unique and special. True beauty lies in your heart and that is the reason I have such a big passion for helping young girls to discover and appreciate their own unique identity. While God looks at your heart, people tend to focus more on your outer appearance, thus making it essential to mold both your inner and outer beauty to the best of your ability. Spending time to make others feel beautiful makes me happy!

 “Be your own kind of beautiful” – Efraine van Heerden