The Burgundy Sequins Kimono

OUR KIMONO RANGE is fabulous because it fits and flatters any woman’s curves, no matter what your size or shape.  All the kimonos are versatile enough for many occasions, since they can be combined with a multitude of other clothing:


  • For the bride and her bridesmaids, wear your kimono over one of our Flowy Dress colour options to capture the moments before the wedding in style.
  • Wear your kimono to a formal function over any dress.
  • Your kimono can be the last accessory to finish off your outfit for a professional gathering.
  • If you feel like going to the beach with that little something extra, to stand out with a more stylish look, simply slip your kimono over your bathing suit.
  • Don’t you just love your sneakers and jeans? Why not pair them with your kimono to complement and elevate your comfy, casual look.

Cleverly cut and adjustable one size fits all

Standard Length: 1.5m

Fabric: Crepe Chiffon


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