Why we love kimonos


In a world of modest fashion, every now and again some trends come and go which feels that they are made just for you… until the kimonos made their appearance.

Besides looking great, no matter your body type, they are long, flowy, elegant and when worn in the right way you can make any outfit look chic and feminine in no time.

Kimonos are the fastest and easiest way to update a laid-back casual look. With a kimono it is easy to make your professional attire that much dressier. For obvious reasons, we love how loose and fluttery a kimono can be. But if you need it to be a little stricter, a belt on the outside will easily hold everything together.


No matter what you are wearing, a kimono will always finish off your look and make your appearance more catchy and stylish. Kimonos can be worn over a costume, short jeans, winter clothing or a beautiful dress for a night out.

OUR KIMONO RANGE is especially designed to be versatile and will enable you to wear it with anything to any occasion.

  • For the bride and her bridesmaids, wear your kimonos over one of our flowy dresses to capture the moments before your wedding in style.
  • Wear your kimono to a formal function over any dress.
  • Your kimono can be the last accessory to finish off your outfit for a professional meeting.
  • Feel like going to the beach but adding that little something to make you stand out and still look stylish, slip on your kimono over your costume.
  • Don’t you just love your sneakers and jeans? Why not put on your kimono to suit your comfortable look to give you more of a striking appearance.



 If you love kimonos as much as we do, don’t miss out on the new Evelyn Francis Kimono range which will launch soon…

Designer: Evelyn Francis

Photographer: Danielle Stofberg Photography

Make-up & Hairstylist: Suzaan Potgieter, Tatiana Herbst, Maryna Kirsten and Estelle Pretorius

Models: Este Potgieter, Rache Stofberg, Kayli Scholtz, Natassje joubert

Flowers: Anna Botany

Stylist: Mari Conradi