Why is it that some women seem to be effortlessly stylish yet others struggle?

7 Secrets of Stylish Women

1. You have to understand what flatters you physically in colours, shapes and proportions

2. Wearing clothes that are appropriate for the occasion

3. To know what will always work for you. Finding your 3-5 style essentials. (whatever you put together will work for you) 

4. Express your personality through your outfits and always feel “this is the best version of me”

5. Take the time to groom each day. (Grooming says that you value yourself and that you are important)

6. Don’t be afraid to try something new.  (Don’t get stuck in a time warp or style rut. Move with the times and be prepared to try on new fashion trends)

7. Know that accessories matter. (Accessories are the icing on your sartorial cake. They can make an outfit. Take it from bland or boring to fabulous or funky)
– Thank you to our amazing collaborators to make this shoot possible.

Hair & Make-up Efraine Van Heerden from Evelyn Francis

Stylest Maria Steyn

Styling assistant Jessica Combrinck

Photographer Christelle Leuvennink from Fraaij Photography

Model Leandri de Kock