Should women care about how they look?

Quite a bit of research has determined how many seconds it takes before a person forms a perception of someone they meet. Their brains calculate your value in terms of age, social standing and how approachable you are within thirty seconds or less.

First impressions are formed in less than a tenth of a second.

I think every woman should care about how she looks if she wants to realize a comfortable level of success and self-sufficiency – not for the reason of what other people will think of you but for how you will feel and think about yourself.

Face it, when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. Should it be the other way around? It can be. Your emotions affect your appearance and confidence, and this enables you to influence others.

It’s not an “either or” question. You have to focus on both looking good and feeling confident!

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Photo Credits: SS Photo Journals

Model: Kayla Smal

Make-up artist: Marle Boltma

Stylist: Mooiste Mooi

Designer: Evelyn Francis

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