About Efraine

Make-up, styling and showing people how to find their inner beauty is not only my passion but my love. Nothing gives me more satisfaction then making a bride or girl more beautiful then she already is.

I see the beauty in every girl and woman and live to make each person that cross my path realise what makes them unique and special. True beauty is within your heart and that is the reason I have such a big passion for young girls, helping them to find their identity.

"Be your own kind of beautiful” – Efraine van Heerden

More about me



Make-up Artist & Hairstylist

I believe modern make-up should enhance a woman's look without ever dominating or masking her own beauty or personality.


Finishing School

This course is about finding the best of you inside and outside. This is not only for the girls who already found their identity with a lot of self confidence but especially for those struggling with it.